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For anyone who wants to be part of the world's first ever Touch Art Fair, there is something for everyone.


From helping in real life to cyber-volunteering,  we need your help!


Please get in touch here :


And tell us how you can help us :) 


The Touch Art Fair will be launched on the 16th of October 2013 - London UK.



There’s no denying that a lot of the art world’s most famous pieces aren’t aimed at those with impaired vision, but that’s no reason for them to have to miss out completely.” Time Out

The Touch Art Fair challenges conventions and makes art accessible to people with sight loss through touch.” Disability Arts Online

The concept of art as a visual medium that only those with sight can appreciate has been challenged within the past two decades by individuals with the revolutionary idea of conveying visual images in accessible formats to visually impaired people. The Touch fair is part of this movement.” The Guardian

Touch Art Fair is a revolutionary new way of presenting art. Where most art fairs and galleries prohibit visitors from touching artworks, this unique fair actively encourages it.” Ultra Vie

Tired of the ‘do not touch’ signs next to artworks? Here it’s necessary to feel the art to get the full experience. This fair will appeal to those who want to get more hands-on with art and are looking for something a little different.” The Londonist

The first tactile art fair has launched in London with the help of the renowned Chapman Brothers and other award winning artists.” Insight Radio

Using the slogan “Please Do Touch”, the Touch Art Fair is an exciting new venture that celebrates tactile art in what is described as a “sensory fête”.” Accentuate

And on Twitter…

STATEf22 ?@StateF22 17 Oct
Art which engages all the senses @TouchArtFair. An absolute MUST for #friezeweek. Art for everyone. Plus a #ChapmanBrothers skull to touch!

Anna McNay ?@annamcnay 17 Oct
If you only go to one fair this #friezeweek, make it @TouchArtFair. Exciting, stimulating works which activate all the senses! Simply super!

Public Art Fund ?@PublicArtFund 16 Oct
#DoNotTouch does not apply – At the Touch #ArtFair, you feel your way

ArtRubicon ?@artrubicon 17 Oct
Art for the visually impaired! Wonderful! At the Touch Art Fair, you feel your way

E Sussex Disability ?@ESDAEastSussex 16 Oct
Have you ever thought what art might mean for those who cannot see – those who rely on the sense of touch to…

Applications for the Touch Art Fair : 2013 in London are now closed but you can submit for the next Touch Art Fair here:
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